Welcome to Mulberry Alpacas

We have a small prizewinning herd of quality Alpacas, which we are improving continually through a very carefully researched breeding programme.
We produce quality alpaca fibre in a variety colours and only process the finest fleeces into yarn and knitwear.

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Each of our alpacas has a different personality and temperament. A gentle disposition is an important part of our consideration when planning our alpaca breeding strategies.

This is especially important as we enjoy welcoming visitors of all ages. Visitors come along to enjoy with us the charm and therapeutic value of our herd. There is also a special thrill to see garments produced from the fleece of a particular animal we know.

We always thank our alpacas for producing such warm and socks, duvets, yarn and knitwear. Much of our alpaca yarn will carry a label with the name of the alpaca it came from.

Read some testimonials from our customers here.

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@mission_priest Sooooo.. cute but getting so big... look forward to him joining us for the Rosary soon. 😎

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