A New Adventure? Alpaca My Bags….

Written on November 22, 2016 at 4:55 pm

 Earlier on this year in spring, we received some devastating news.  When we were patiently waiting for the birth of Inca Grampian’s first cria we learnt that we were due to lose some of the land that we had rented in Knockin Heath for the past eight-years as it was to be sold for new housing development.  Whilst we always knew that the land was designated for building, we were still upset since we knew that it meant we had to seriously consider how this would affect us and our Alpacas.  We had decided, last year, that we would be expanding our herd of Alpacas when we brought Inca Grampian and these were plans that we did not want to abandon.   With this in mind, we very quickly made the decision that we had no choice but to move house.

Mulberry Alpacas New Home

At the beginning of June, we put our house on the market and started to receive interest straight away.  We had decided not to look too seriously for a new house until we secured a sale since we did not want to be disappointed.

Then in the summer, that special property came on the market.  The property ticked so many boxes – it was an equestrian property with land on the Shropshire/Welsh border with beautiful views of the fields and surrounding countryside from the house.  It was a place where we could picture and imagine our herd of Alpacas happy and carefree. Our hearts were set.

I telephoned the Estate Agent to make our offer and were told that someone else had pipped us to the post.  However, sadly for them and fortunately for us, their sale fell through.  We then secured a sale for our house in Knockin and after being gazumped on the new property, we had our offer accepted and we finally exchanged contracts on Monday the 25th of September.  This property was meant to be!

Alpaca Wool

By the evening of Thursday the 28th of September, some 72 hours later, we had managed to fence 3 acres of the fields and we started moving the herd.  The last of the group were transported by 6am the following morning, swiftly followed by our house contents and the farm paraphernalia.

We are all so pleased with the move . Its a joy to see the herd so content and happy in their new fields and they are patiently putting up with more fencing, diggers, excavations and the formation of their new accommodation.

Work has now started on the next stage.  We are converting part of the stable block into a showroom for all the lovely bits and pieces produced by our herd.  Watch this space for more news here next time!

Alpacas For Sale

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