Alpaca – “The Fibre Of The Gods”

Written on October 6, 2014 at 11:42 am

alpaca wool

Alpacas are a species of camel, that originate from South America whose wool was once prized by Inca Royalty for its unique strength, lustre and softness.

Alpaca wool has a hollow fiber, which makes it uniquely light and incredibly warm, while giving a rich silky feel against the skin. Alpacas produce a fine, heavy fleece in many beautiful, naturally occurring shades. 

Alpaca wool is lanolin free and hypo-allergenic which, when combined with its unique soft properties makes it ideally suited for use in clothing. Alpaca hairs also contain a naturally occurring resin that gives the garments a resistance to staining, wrinkling, and water. Alpaca yarn is also known to be incredibly hard wearing with low tendency to pill or ball.

We pride ourselves in producing luxury yarn and goods which are often traceable to the individual alpaca on our farm.

We grade our fleeces very carefully and only used the highest quality fleece to produce yarn for clothing.

Visitors to our farm shop are always impressed with the ‘yummy’ feel of our products as they cuddle them next to their skin!

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