Alpacas for Sale UK

Alpacas for sale

The Mulberry herd consists entirely of huacaya alpacas, we have a strong white line as well as coloured alpacas for sale uk.

We usually have a selection of high quality breeding females, stud males and non breeding males available for sale

Why buy from us?

We will only sell our lovely animals to people who have the skills and the facilities to look after them, as they deserve.
Our pricing structure is kept as low as possible and does not reflect the superb quality of our animals which would be sold at considerably higher prices elsewhere.
We are very proud of the after sales service we offer – we really want to help you to look after your new alpacas as confidently as possible.

Check out this article we wrote that gives guidance on buying an alpaca.

Why do people buy alpacas?

There are many reasons for buying alpacas including

Current Alpacas For Sale

Although our alpacas for sale are individually priced, we offer substantial reductions for packages such as a group of pet males or a pair of breeding females.

Our pricing structure is currently:

Pet / Guard Males


Please phone or e-mail us for more information or to place an order.