Alpacas for Sale: Why buy an Alpaca?

Written on September 24, 2013 at 2:33 pm

There are many breeds of alpacas for sale but why do people choose to buy alpacas?

Buying an alpaca provides farm owners many benefits which often go unmissed.

So, what are some of the Main Reasons to buy an Alpaca?

Buying an alpaca is worthwhile investment, which, in the long run, can become extremely profitable.

Alpaca fibre is tremendously popular, and widely used for, the material of items of clothing and gifts for the home. Common products manufactured by alpaca fibre include hats and scarves, socks, yarn, and bedding. Alpaca owners can choose to sell the fibre produced from their alpacas — if they wish — to wholesalers or smaller organisations which run knitting projects using yarn. Alternatively, alpaca fibre can be stored and used independently.

In addition to the fibre-based materials that alpacas produce, they are also known for their work ethic and chipping in around the farm. Alpacas serve as excellent self-operated lawnmowers. Leave your alpaca to mill around your farm or grass covered area and watch your pretty little animal tidy up your garden. Let’s face it: ride-on lawnmowers spend far too much time cooped up in the garage collecting dust; alpacas take care of the hard work so you don’t have to!

What Makes Alpacas Special?

Alpacas are an extremely unique animal breed that originated in South America.  Although they are related to camels, they differ in both appearance and usage.

As previously mentioned, alpacas are predominantly valued for their fibre and domestic contributions towards the maintenance of farms.

Alpacas are well known for their gentle personalities and the ability to utilise their intelligence in everyday situations. Generally, alpacas quickly adapt to new farms and the many other breeds of animals that also live there. Each alpaca’s personality is unique, which compliments their stunning, adorable features.

Being such a unique animal, alpacas are a main point of attraction for many farms and serve as an excellent reason for people to visit. They are also highly demanded. Many farm owners generate a highly paid living from breeding alpacas for sale.

Alpacas for Sale:

Hopefully, after reaching this point of the article, you have acquired some new, interesting information regarding alpacas. And perhaps, a few reasons to buy an alpaca for yourself!

Here is some information concerning the latest alpacas for sale over at Mulberry Alpacas.

Ariana is a white Huacaya alpaca with excellent genetics, both parents being from the renowned Toft herd. She has excellent conformation and is a well proven mother. Her cria which are on farm have superb fleece and excellent conformation.

Ari has a lovely temperament and will make an excellent addition to any herd. She is pregnant to Oakhill Claudio who sired one of her previous cria with superb results.

Price of this alpaca for sale: £2800

Crispus, Daniel and Tom Thumb are a lovely group of friendly gelded male Huacaya alpacas who will make a lovely entry into the world of alpacas for someone looking for pets and/or guard animals. Their personalities are all different and they love to have lots of attention.

Price of these alpacas for sale: £600 for the group. We will only sell these alpacas as a group.

The wellbeing of our alpacas is of the utmost importance. We will only sell to clients who we are confident will look after them well. Consequently, we offer training and on-going support to all of our clients.

In addition to the alpacas for sale mentioned in this article, we have many more alpacas available to purchase. Please view our other alpacas for sale via our website, or alternatively, contact our Shropshire-based alpaca farm today for more information.

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