Alpaca Husbandry Day – Saturday, 24th May

Written on August 1, 2014 at 12:05 pm

Alpaca Husbandry Day

Saturday, 24th May: Alpaca Husbandry Day

These days are intended for those who are thinking of keeping alpacas and will be a full day with lots of practical
activity come rain or shine. The day will include:

• An introduction to alpacas and their native environment.
• Reasons for keeping alpacas.
• Alpaca fibre – its exceptional qualities.
• Making available space suitable for keeping alpacas.
• Alpaca daily routines & feeding.
• Keeping alpacas healthy – routine husbandry tasks – shearing.
• Handling techniques.
• Economics of alpaca keeping – reasons for keeping alpacas -tips for buying wisely. Course participants of our Husbandry Days will be given a refund of the course fee if they subsequently purchase alpacas or stud services from Mulberry Alpacas.

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