Our Alpacas

The Alpaca originates from South America—in particular from Chile, Peru and Bolivia where they have been bred for their fleece for 6000 years. During the Inca empire they were being selectively bred in large numbers to provide luxurious fibre exclusively for the clothing use of Inca nobility.

They are members of the camelid family and are related to the Vicuna and the Guanaco as well as the Llama—although they are temperamentally very different. They measure about 3 feet to their back and in total around 5 feet to the top of their heads.

Suri alpacas

are distinguished in the camelid family by their unique fibre characteristics. The fibre grows parallel to the body while hanging in long,separate, distinctive locks.

The Huacaya alpacas

The Huacaya makes up 90% of the world's alpaca population and has a fleece of sheep-like appearance, growing out from the body