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Inca Grampian is a well grown and strong male who reached maturity at an early age. His conformation is very correct and he displays a true to type head, great proportion and he moves in a fluid motion and with great presence. The fleece on this male carries a high degree of the positive traits expected in an elite herd sire. The fibre is very soft, dense, bright and uniform in micron right across the saddle and up into the neck.

What makes this male special is the depth of quality and the uniformity in phenotype that his bloodlines share. The high level of quality running through both sides of his pedigree should reduce progeny trait variance and increase predictability. Inca Grampian is the ideal male for those breeders looking to bring deep colour and well known current bloodlines into their herd.


Service Fees

Grampian Alpaca

Drive by: £400 +vat Mobile: £550 +vat

Sire: Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca

Dam: Inca Darcy Type: Stud Male (Proven Stud)

Breed Type: Huacaya

Colour: Solid Black

Registered With: British Alpaca Society – BNBAS05623 Date of Birth: 21st June 2012.



Fleece (1st):

20.40μ SD 4.50μ CV 22.20%
3.10% Over 30 Microns(μ)
Yield 4.13 Kg/Year
(taken on 23rd May 2013 at 11 Months of age)
Fibre Testing Authority: Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing


Stud Terms and conditions:

1. Mulberry Alpacas provide a three day live cria guarantee. If your cria should die in this time then Mulberry Alpacas will offer a return service at no charge (mileage not included). Special circumstances surrounding cria death after three days will be considered.

2. Transport of the sire(s) for mobile services will be charged according to mileage at a rate of £0.50/mile. Mulberry Alpacas will attempt to group customer bookings so that stud services are carried out during the same journey resulting in shared mileage charges.

3. Mulberry Alpacas cannot guarantee dates for mobile stud service visits. However, Mulberry Alpacas will endeavor to work with customers to book dates that are mutually agreeable and convenient.

4. For mobile services a maximum of three visits are included in the price (mileage not included). If the female in question is not pregnant after the third successful mating an additional charge may be added for subsequent visits or the female may need to be checked by a vet or the owner may substitute the female for another.

5. When a client books a stud service they are committing to the service and the service fee is payable no matter what the pregnancy outcome. Mulberry Alpacas will provide adequate access to the stud sire in question.If after the services have been carried out, the female(s) do not fall pregnant or lose their pregnancy, the stud service will be valid for the following season and fee is payable after an invoice has been received.

6.Invoices for stud services will be raised after the first service has been carried out. All invoices are due on receipt and late payment may result in all remaining mobile or drive by services being refused

Please email ( or call Harry  on 07713639447 to book a stud service package.