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Written on August 23, 2016 at 2:44 pm

The summer months are here and at Mulberry Alpacas we have been eagerly welcoming new babies born to Inca Grampian’s matings following last year’s purchase of this excellent stud from Inca Alpacas in Dorset. It is proving to be yet another busy year for us with big ideas on the horizon. A large part of our business is our involvement with the British Alpaca Society. This not only allows us to stay in the know but admire the ever increasing standard of breeding in the UK. We are very proud to be members and the BAS gives us our foundation standards and information.

Mulberry Alpacas Members Of BAS

The British Alpaca Society (BAS) brings together owners, breeders, prospective owners and those purely with an interest in alpacas. Regional groups meet up around the UK to arrange events, workshops and educate with everything from everyday welfare to breeding and showing up for discussion. It is now thought there are in the region of 35,000 alpacas in the UK kept by both breeders and owners making the society a fantastic organisation to draw on the wisdom of experienced handlers.

Not only acting as a resource for members, the BAS has a pedigree registry for which only cria born to registered parents may be eligible to join. The registry, governed by the BAS board, maintains the standard of the animals through the administration of various policies. Prospective owners are advised to purchase only BAS registered alpacas providing them with peace of mind and breeding records that can pre-date 1996 in some cases!

British Alpacas Society

In its third year at the International Centre in Telford, the annual BAS National Show brings together visitors from all over the country to view an impressive congregation of alpacas advertising the full natural colour spectrum their fleece is available in. Alpaca fleece is currently a very niche but growing marketplace and the two day National Show is a great place to see first hand how good quality fleece with its outstanding, hypoallergenic qualities can be used to make a wide range of high quality items. It’s exciting to hear how Paul Whittey at Penrose products has recently taken superb alpaca duvets and pillows into Harrods.

At Mulberry Alpacas, we are proud to support the British Alpaca Society who equally have provided us excellent advice and contacts through various networking events from the very beginnings of our interest in these fascinating animals. The BAS is not only a great platform to promote awareness of the high standards of the alpaca but their ongoing encouragement of young handlers safeguards the future of alpaca breeding, showing and processing of high quality fleece.

BAS - Mulberry Alpacas

We provide a variety of products, created from the fleece of our very own herd. Should you be interested in working with alpaca fleece yourself, we also run a number of courses and events- even available for beginners! If you’d like to know more about our products or events, contact us today and we’ll happily provide you with more information.

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